A Sister's Circle

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,

Psalm 23:2 NIV

I’ve always loved the 23rd Psalm.

Maybe its because I’ve always had this affinity and heart for animals. I often joke that instead of blessing me with a houseful of babies, God entrusted the care of animals to my heart and hands. So its easy for me to read this beautiful passage of scripture and see God’s heart as The Good Shepherd (John 10:10) and the loving care He extends to the sheep He attends to. Only a shepherd with a heart for his sheep could care for them in this way.

But I asked a question of my text group, I’d like to ask of you Sisters:

Who is God to you?

David saw Him as a shepherd . Maybe it was because David himself had been a shepherd boy and understood…

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