Take Me To The King

Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a mat and tried to take him into the house to lay him before Jesus.

Luke 5: 18 NIV
Take Me to The King
The other morning I saw a peculiar sight.
A man was being helped from a vehicle who was in a wheelchair. Now it wasn’t peculiar that he was in a wheelchair. The sign he held in his hands read that he was a war veteran and was hungry. So I assumed, that if his sign could be believed, that his inability to walk was a result of a wound he’s suffered in combat on behalf of his country. Many military women and men come back to us injured with both visible and invisible battle scars, so it wasn’t peculiar that he was in a wheelchair.
But what was peculiar was the person who lowered him from the vehicle.
Stationing his wheelchair where passersby could be sure to see and notice him, he positioned an American flag on the bag of this veteran’s wheelchair and assured him he’d return for him later.
Hidden in my heart came a remembered story from the bible.
I thought back to another lame man and another group of friends. Friends so concerned for their lame comrade and his inability to walk that they were willing to do whatever it took to get him some help. The right kind of help. Not help from the pity of strangers. Not help from a well placed position. Not help from misplaced or misguided compassion.
But the right kind of help.
Unable to make their way thru a crowd to get him to this Help, they saw their way clear to cutting a hole in a roof. And lowering their friend from a high place of love they positioned him for the help he really needed.
They lowered him in front of Jesus.
And friends thats my prayer for you today, that you would be surrounded by the love and compassion of true friends. Friends who know and see your needs. Friends who don’t abandon you at your lowest point. Friends who get you to The Friend.
I didn’t have money that morning for our friend in the wheelchair, but just as I did for him, I do for you today. I took his need to Jesus.
And I’ve done the same for you.
Be encouraged my friend that somebody took your name and need to The King named Jesus!
God bless you!

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