The Song

The sound of birds singing in the morning is one of my most favorite sounds. There’s something about hearing these feathered creatures moving thru the morning singing and stirring about that never fails to speak to me, to reach a place in my soul. How wonderful to start the new day off with a song of welcome, with a song in one’s heart. But as spring approaches and these tiny creatures come out of hibernation with the rest of us, I’m learning that more than just enjoying their sound, I enjoy their song and the lessons I find folded within them.

Here’s what I’m learning:

Lyrical Lesson #1: Gratitude puts a song in your heart.

Its one thing to be thankful, but another to be grateful. Thankful says, I’m glad you did what you did. But gratitude says, I’m glad you did it – for me. Each new day is an opportunity to express our gratitude to God, to sing a song of gratitude thru our living that tells Him how grateful we are that He gave us another chance, another opportunity at life. Not just any life. Our life. Mine. Yours. The one He gave to you. To me.

Lyrical Lesson #2: Its not the sound but the song that matters.

Some birds have more lyrical, almost musical qualities to their sound. Like a well crafted instrument, their sound fills the air around them with melodious music that pleases the ears and stirs the senses. While other birds have similar sounds and qualities that, though sweet and sincere, do nothing to set them apart from the other birds around them. But whether sweet or set apart, its not the sound that matters. Its the song.

No one can offer my praise except me. No one can confess my gratitude but me. My worship, like my song, has to be real. For who I was created to be.

Lesson #3: Songs aren’t just for morning time

As much I love to hear birds chirpping and singing in the morning, often I will hear one at odds time of the day or night lifting up a song. And its at those times that I am reminded that the song isn’t just reserved for a certain time or location, but wherever I am, there also is my worship, my praise, my song. As God is with me everywhere I am, so too must be the song I sing, live out in honor of Him and who He is.

So as we walk into this new springtime of life, lets take note of the world around us and be sure to deposit our song in all the places, people, and paths we find  in and around us. Which brings me to Lyrical Lesson #4:

Songs aren’t just for birds

You have a song. I have a song. Let’s live it out, let’s sing it!

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Psalm 96:1 NIV


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