So every year I choose a word.

A word that’s  my focus, my target for the year in my attitudes, actions and all areas of my life. A tall order I know, but for the past 3 years or so its been pretty effective. But this year I wanted something different. Not just a word, but a way of living. This year God gave me a new word.


Now the word itself is not new to me. As a writer and lover of words, its one of my favorite. But this time, I felt God inviting me to live this word. More than just admiring it and the meaning behind it, I was being asked to respond to it.

To live on purpose.

It was while watching my newly one year old nephew enjoying his birthday cupcake, that the idea of purposeful living first took root in my heart.

Isn’t he adorable?


Watching his soft, baby brown eyes fill with wonder and amazement at his first taste of cake, was a camera worthy moment indeed. It was his first big boy taste of cake. Ever. Up until that moment he’d eaten only  baby snacks and treats as his sweet fill.

But this was different.

He had a whole cupcake. All to himself. And the sheer joy that filled his eyes was worth every moment it took to watch him eat it. And eat it he did. Every single bite and crumb.

He left nothing, save the plate it came on. On purpose, with much intent and enthusiasm, he did what he set out to do. Make that cupcake disappear. Inside his one year old belly.

Isn’t that how all life should be lived?

One bite at a time. Savoring each moment. Joyfully enjoying the sweetness of life. Purposefully doing that which we set out to do. Regardless of who watches or witnesses. Even in our messy moments or less than perfect ones.

And most of all, eating the whole cupcake.

Like my nephew, the year is young yet, but join me on this journey to live on purpose. Lets see where it takes us and what we learn in the process. I’m ready.

Are you?


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