An Audience of One

The other day my pastor told a story to his bible study class about a minister he knew who’d been asked by someone, how many people did he preach to on any given sunday? Without hesitation this minister replied, “One.” To which the asker of the question replied, “you turn on lights, pay utilities bill and all costs associated with your church for one person?”

Clearly this person was baffled as to the reasoning behind such an act. Who does that? Who opens an entire church sunday after sunday for one person? Who takes the time week after week to prepare and study a sermon message knowing that it will only be preached and taught to one person? Who does that?

As my pastor told this story, my thoughts turned back to an encounter I’d had with a co-worker a few days earlier. She was having one of those days, it was etched all over her face inspite of the smile she wore brightly as we exchanged “hellos” on the elevator. And I remember thinking, poor thing, she looks like she could use a hug today.

And so in an effort to boost her spirits and send her some cheer, I sent her a Valerie card. Now mind you, although I cared enough to send her the very best, this was not a Hallmark by any means. But I wanted to lift her spirits and just let her know someone noticed, someone cared about her that day that had nothing to do with her job or whatever was plaguing her spirits, but someone saw her and wanted to bring a little sunshine to her day.

So I sent my little Valerie card thru our office mail and later that day she showed up at my desk with tears streaming down her face, and her words grabbed my heart because she said “It was just what I needed today.”

That day she was my audience of one.

We all have the opportunity every day, week after week, moment by moment to reach out to our audience of one. To that one person who at that exact moment we reached towards in a way that was uniquely just for them. It could be with a smile, a kind word, a hug, or whatever they needed at that exact moment.

It maybe someone who just happened to cross your path at a precise moment, it could be someone you see every day. It could be someone within your home or your circle of friends. It could be a neighbor or a complete stranger.

It could be anyone, at anytime, anywhere. It could even be you.

Whether we think about it or not, each day carries with it, its own purpose, our reason for still being here. Ultimately, our audience of one is the One who orchestrates and designs each day and the purpose within it. And like this minister in my pastor’s story, if our hearts are open enough, we are the vessels He uses to meet and minister to the heart of each other’s needs.

So let me ask you, who was your audience of one today? Who mattered because your life mattered?


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