Lessons Within a Lesson

A couple of months or so ago I attended a special Women’s Fellowship workshop at my church. We had food, fun and fellowship, all of which were great ingredients that added to our good time in the spirit of sisterhood.

If your church doesn’t have such a small group for women to gather, consider starting one. Women truly do need each other, not just on our christian journey, but also for the journey that comes with uniquely being a woman.

But I digress.

So where was I? Oh yes. I’d attended this wonderful workshop with women both in and outside of my church family. One segment of the workshop involved each of us making a Bucket List.

How fun right?

We had to write down 3 things that we had always wanted to do. Many women shared their travel plans, weight loss plans, desires for their families, education, you name it and it probably made many of our lists.

There were many things I could have thought to put on my list. I’d love to travel to exotic places and write that great american novel. But I really didn’t have to think long about it, because at the top of my list was one thing.

To learn to drive.

I’d never really shared this desire with anyone before, let alone a room full of people. In fact, most of my life I have spent explaining why I didn’t drive . And though I’ve given many excuses and explanations to both myself and others, the truth was I really didn’t know why myself.

As I got older, a few tried and failed to teach me to drive.  I even paid for driving school lessons once. But I stopped taking the class after a teacher yelled at me and I lost my confidence.

So I never learned to drive.

So after years of explaining to others why I didn’t drive, I simply avoided the subject all together. But on this particular morning, basking in the warmth of sisterhood and surrounded by those who’d bravely shared their heart’s desires, I took the plunge and admitted to both my sisters and myself that I wanted to learn to drive.

Immediately I was the recipient of support and encouragement like I’d never known before. That moment alone was well worth my attendance that morning. It was a great moment to be me. And in the midst of all that womanly camaraderie, one of my sisters in my church even offered to teach me to drive.

 The workshop moved on to other segments and at its close, we all walked away with that warm, fuzzy feeling within our hearts that comes only from having been a part of something wonderful.

And mentally I crossed off my goal of driving off my bucket list. After all, I’d made the confession, gained a teacher, shared some sisterly fun.  Mission accomplished.

So imagine my surprise a few days later when I got a call from my brave volunteer. She set up a date and time for our first lesson. And so our lessons began.

I’d love to tell you that I took to our lessons like a fish to water, but such is not my story. I was probably more like a fish caught in a net. I was looking for a way out.

After all, who was I to think I could drive at my age? I’d remained a non-driver all these years, why change things now? Being a passenger in a car wasn’t so bad, was it?

Its been a couple of months now and still my brave volunteer remains committed to our lessons each week. In spite of her own family and work commitments, she takes the time each week to include our lessons in her busy schedule.

My fears? They’re still very much present. But along with our driving lessons, I’m also learning another lesson. It’s not the absence of fear that makes us courageous or successful in our endeavors. But rather, sometimes its in the presence of fear that we are given the courage to find our faith.

And faith without works? Well we know what the bible says about that. So I’ve got some work to do. Becoming a driver isn’t going to happen because I wished it so.

I’ll keep you posted on the driving lessons and how we’re progressing. But I’ll also be sure to share the lessons within my lessons. Becoming a driver is my goal, but learning the lessons that will get me there, that’s the journey.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Within a Lesson

  1. I had no idea you didn’t drive! How exciting that you are learning. You are so right about it being a journey of lessons. It is courageous of you to do something like that that scares you. I wonder how many things I refuse to even think about doing for fear of failure. (Public speaking??? Please, no, Lord!) I felt the same way about my mother learning to use the internet. She still grumbles about the confusion of it, but it has opened a new world to her that keeps her involved in the lives of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I bet you will find the same — or you’ll conquer the fear and decide it just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Go for it!

    • Thanks for your encouragement BJ, its truly balm for my soul! Yes its true, at 44 I’m just learning to drive. How right you are that it opens up new worlds for us when we can face the very thing that once intimidated us. The verdicts still out for me on the driving thing. Once my nerves settle I’ll let ya know! But I must admit, I’m enjoying the journey!

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