The Journey

Jour·ney   [jur-nee]: passage or progress from one stage to another

Have you ever looked at your life and compared it to others, and found that yours seemed incredibly dull and boring in comparison? Ever felt as if everyone else was living and enjoying success after success, while it seemed as if you had caught a terrible case of stage fright? Or that your life lacked substance or purpose, as if you were mindlessly drifting without a road let alone a road map?

 I think if many of us were honest,(and let’s be honest we need to be honest with ourselves right?), we’d probably answer yes to these questions or at least be able to relate to them on some level. I know I can.

I named this blog The Journey because I’d finally woken up to the realization that life wasn’t a contest with winners and losers. Nor was it a race to be pursued in the hopes of winning some elusive reward or trophy. Nor was it was it a stage where the most successful actors bowed victoriously before their adoring and applauding audiences.

But rather my eyes began to open to the understanding that life was a journey. And a journey isn’t something you pursue, but rather it is something you experience. And that’s what life is, a continual flow of life experiences. And it is the lessons we learn and the wisdom we walk away with from those experiences that add not only to our lives, but to the lives of those who journey with us.

And somewhere within the past year, I’d forgotten that. I got a little caught up in comparing my life, my dreams, my hopes to those I saw as more successful in life than I. For a breath in time, I forgot to simply breathe and be the me I was created to be. To not worry so much about the life others were leading, but to focus on the life I was called to live, to experience.

Ever been there?

Well, my memory is getting better now. Thanks for asking. And for those who have inspired and encouraged me to pick up my heart’s pen once again and share the lessons and wisdom of my life journey, this blog is for you.

Our paths may not cross in our day-to-day lives, but I’d be happy if once again you chose to let our paths and hearts cross in this little blog world of mine. Together we can experience, share and live out our life’s journey not to acquire applause, but to acquire wisdom and understanding that we can pass to those traveling with us.

Join the Journey.


2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Val, I love it when you write. I find your words so soothing and honest. They always hit the mark with me. I too so often get my eyes off the jouney and on to others’ journeys. My life is enough to live! Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  2. Thanks BJ. I do so appreciate your encouragement! I think we all are guilty of looking to our left and to our right sometimes instead of looking at what God has purposed us to do. And usually its right in front of us!

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