Impossible Possibilities

 Nothing is impossible for God.

Luke 1:37 (CEV)

 As children we are taught to blend the lines of reality and make-believe. In the playgrounds of our young minds, we are encouraged to explore the enchanted and frolic with the forgotten. On wings of once upon a time, we’re carried from the possible to the impossible in a blink of an eye.

But as we begin to script our own stories and fill in the lines of our lives, somehow that changes.

 But imagine if you will, if long ago a young girl had been unwilling to accept the impossible as being possible. Imagine if she had refused to exchange the known for the unknown. Imagine if instead of being ready to be used by God, she’d refused the message sent by Him. Imagine if God’s chosen, had chosen not to believe on Him.

 What problem do you face today? What impossible thing looms before you? What threatens your faith?

 With God not only are all things possible, but with Him, nothing is impossible.

 Prayer: Father God, help us to keep eyes of faith on you that we might believe You for all things. Help us to look not at those things that loom before us, but rather help us to look to You who lives in us. And help us oh Lord to reflect your light in the world that others might come to know the possibility of your salvation and the impossibility of ever being separated from your love. In Jesus’ Name I pray.



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