The Trees

I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do.  ~Willa Cather 1913

The other morning while enjoying a quiet moment on my porch, I happened to take notice of the two rather large trees that stand in my front yard. Exactly what kind of trees they are, I’m not sure as I am not an expert on trees or their names.

But as I sat looking at these two trees, I began to notice things about them I’d not taken note of before.  Like for instance how just a few months ago both trees had been leafless and by all appearances dead to the world.  Yet now they stood covered in leaf after leaf of the most vibrant shade of green one could ever imagine. Their limbs were once again strong and a place of refuge for birds and squirrels alike and anything else that had need of it.

No matter the conditions they stood in such as rain, snow, heat, or cold they stood none the less still as trees. They endured situation after situation always the same. As trees.

And on that quiet morning as I sat looking out at those two trees, I learned something so simple, I almost missed it. Those two trees weren’t trying to become trees, they were simply being who they already were. They were being what they were created to be.


No matter what the season, they still stood as trees. No matter their condition nor circumstances, they still stood as trees. No matter what they looked like on the outside, they still stood as trees. No matter what they were surrounded by, they still stood as trees. No matter that I didn’t know their tree names, they still stood as trees.

Nothing disqualified them for being what they were. No season, no circumstance nor appearances. They were created to be trees, and they stayed true to that always.

That morning two ordinary, nameless trees taught me something I needed to know. For in being what they were created to be, they silently gave me permission to do the same.


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