A Master’s Heart

Since I was a youngster I’ve loved dogs.

Big dogs, little dogs, young dogs, old dogs, cute fluffly dogs, cute hairless dogs . I love them all. Dogs truly do have a special place within my heart, and I’ve been blessed to have shared both my heart and home with some truly amazing dogs. 

As a pet owner I’ve learned a lot over the years. Things like responsibiity,  patience, how to love something outside of my own selfish needs. The list goes on and on. And every now and then God even uses them to teach me those lessons that could only come from the heart of a true Master.

Take the other morning for example.

Libby, my feisty,  hyperactive terrier mix wanted to play. The fact that I was getting ready for work and probably had little or no time to stop and play, never entered her mind. In her world its always a good time to play.

Laying one of her most prized squeeky toys at my feet,  she anxiously waited with tail wagging and eyes dancing for me to throw it. Being a little impatient with her, I quickly told her “Not now Libby”, and continued preparing for my day.

But Libby not to be outdone, tried again. Again she laid her toy at my feet.  And again I told her, “Not now Libby”, with more than a little irritation in my voice.

But Libby still not to be out done by my attitude, tried again. Again she laid her toy at my feet, and waited for me to begin our morning game of fetch. And this time as I looked into her pleading brown eyes, I saw something that I almost missed in my haste to rush into my day.

Picking up Libby’s toy, I tossed it for her to fetch. Glad to finally have my attention, she was only too happy to oblige. We played for only a few minutes, but it was all that was needed. Actually, it was all that she had really wanted to begin with.

She hadn’t wanted to monopolize all my time, she had only wanted to share in it for a few minutes before I left to begin my day. She just wanted to be with her master.

Just a few quick tosses of her toy and she was satisfied. And if the truth be told, so was I. For in stopping to play with her for those few moments, it caused me to pause and slow down, and enjoy a few simple, quiet moments before I stepped out into the day. 

And it made me realize something else too.

Just like Libby needed to be with her master for a little while, so did I. Just as she bought her most prizes possession to me as her master, so I should bring my best before my Master and spend a few moments in His presence. Not asking anything of Him, not seeking to gain something. not to monopolize His time with who I was, but to enjoy just being in His presence, enjoying who He is.

Funny how it took a ten pound ball of energy to remind me to not be so busy jumping into my day, that I forget to spend time with the One who made that day possible.

Its at times like this that I’m grateful God gave me a heart for dogs. For in having a dog lover’s heart, I also see my own Master’s heart for me.



5 thoughts on “A Master’s Heart

  1. Thanks for this morning’s inspiration Val. You truly have a gift at seeing God in the most opportune moments and sharing that gift with others. Thanks for blessing me this morning and helping me to take notice of my Master’s heart.~Nemia

  2. God is good. Wonderful blog! I truly admire the way you express your appreciation for everything. Thank you for sharing your world.

  3. I so identify with this. My beautiful Golden Retriever so often just begs me with her brown eyes to come out to play or to just pet her. She presents herself to me with such regality as if to say, “Aren’t I beautiful! God made me for you to enjoy. You may pet me or play with me or just walk in the woods with me. Come on!” I often wonder if God would like me to greet Him with such words in the morning.

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