Use The Front Doors

The other night I had a dream.

Now usually I don’t even remember my dreams. Most of them are jumbled and tend to jump around from scene to scene, so its hard to remember exactly what they were even about.

But this dream I remember in great detail, and even in my dream state, I realized that someone was speaking to me and there was something I needed to learn.

In this dream I found myself desparately trying to get back to a certain corner where I could catch a bus that would take me home before nightfall came. But at many points in the dream, I’d find myself taking wrong turns or ending up on wrong streets that kept leading me further away from where I thought I needed to be.

It was like being in a virtual maze where there was no beginning or end in sight. I remember thinking how much I wanted that dream to end.

At one point in the dream, deciding to take a short cut through a building, I found myself inside a store that had already closed. I was approached by a guard who said , “We’ve been watching you on the monitor. You do know the store is closed right? Use the front doors.”

When I woke up from this endless dream, the guard’s words rang in my mind. ” Use the front doors.”

What could it mean?

After much reflection and thought about this dream, I realized that there were many messages in it specifically for me, but there is also a  message that we can all stand to be reminded of.

Sometimes I think we all make the mistake of thinking that we know the way that will lead us to where we want to be. We put so much pressure on our own shoulders to make our own way, that we fail to see that the right way is already within us. We don’t have to go back looking for it, we only need to use the front door.

Whereever we find ourselves in life, is where we’re probably supposed to be at that moment. Our locations in life don’t sneak up on God. He already knew we’d find ourselves there. Wherever there happens to be.

We don’t need to go back like I kept trying to do in this dream. I was convinced I needed to go back to a certain corner to catch the bus that would lead me home and out of the coming nightfall.

How often in life do we try to get back to a certain point or time in our life? Or how often do we go back to a certain way of living or thinking only to find that what we’re really looking for doesn’t lay waiting in our past?

Life is a continual journey. It doesn’t allow much for going backwards does it?  In our travels, we will make mistakes and make wrong turns. We will find ourselves in places we never would have imagined. We will have distractions and things that will detour us.

But if we learn from our wrong turns and mistakes, and allow ourselves to grow from them, then we’ll find that although they may have taken us out of our way, they were worth it.

“Use the front doors”.

The front door to your heart will always lead to the place you need to be. You don’t have to go looking for it, its right there with you.

In a world that says, do your own thing and make your own way, isn’t wonderful to know that standing at the “front doors” of our hearts is The Guardian of our lives who can truly lead and guide us on our journey through life. He watches all of us on His monitor, we are never out of His sight. And if our hearts are open to Him, it doesn’t matter where we find ourselves in life.

He’s the door that always leads us home.


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