The Christmas Tree



 The Christmas Tree



The other night. deciding it was officially time to begin Christmas at my house, I rescued my Christmas tree from it’s dark corner in my garage. After shaking and rattling it for non-paying tenants of spiders and creepy crawlies, I deemed it was safe to take the small tree into the house.


Though not very big by any stretch of the imagination, I have come to adore this small, 4-foot tree. A friend made it for me years ago, decorating it in an angel theme that I am quite proud of. And even though every year I promise myself I’m going to buy a large tree with all the trimmings, every year I put out my small tree, and each year I’m amazed at how it makes my home feel like Christmas.


As in previous years, the first thing I did was to plug the lights in to make sure they still worked. As the soft, white lights washed over the tree and illuminated all the ornaments and ribbon on the tree, it was as if that small tree came to life.


Each tiny light glistened as though it was a twinkling star charged with lighting the night. And the glow from their light found every corner of that room and filled it with a warmth that had not been there before. And perhaps it was just my imagination, but standing in the glow of that small tree, I felt as if I was standing in the presence of something a lot bigger than me.


And I realized in that moment that I could learn a lot from that tree.


You see, like that tiny tree, we too should let our light shine in such a way that we leave people better than when we first encountered them. Ours should be a glow that fills the dark places of other’s hearts and be the light that warms them through and through.


And like that small tree, it doesn’t take a lot to give a lot. We may not have as much as others or be a “big” person in the world’s eye, but we can give what we have so that someone else is blessed.  


And the good news is that we don’t have to wait until Christmas to do that or wait until someone takes us out of our rescued places like I did with my Christmas tree. We have the opportunity to bring light and love every day.


And in that way, the spirit of what Christmas is all about lives with us every day.


Merry Christmas everyone and remember during this most special Holiday Season and always

to let your light shine.


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree

  1. Thank you for sharing such a simple yet profound expression of love.

    God so loved that He — GAVE!

    Giving shines a light that illuminates the path to the soul.

    Be blessed — Linda!

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