Considering the important things

Thus says the LORD of hosts, “Consider your ways!      Haggai 1:7

When I first began blogging, I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted to blog about. There are millions upon millions of blogs on the world-wide net, and many more being added every day. People use blogs for many reasons and through them they share an abundance of information about themselves and the world around them.

At first my motive for blogging was simply to enhance my writing skills. As someone aspiring to be a household name one day with the likes of Maya Angelou or T.C. Lewis, I knew that in order to become an exceptional writer I had to write. Blogging gave me the medium to do that and an audience to appreciate and read the things that I wrote.

But after careful consideration, I realize something else is more important.

Yesterday as I sat through a phenomenal young minister’s teaching, my eyes were opened in a most marvelous way. She taught on spiritual apathy and how easy it is for us to become so involved in the things we deem important that we forget about the things of God. As I sat there soaking in her words and her powerful message, I realized I had to consider my ways.

I realized that while God is not opposed to us having goals and aspirations in life and He isn’t opposed to us working on those things and relationships that He has blessed us with, those things should never take precedence over who He is and who He is to us. Nor should they become more important than what He has called each of us to do for His kingdom and His glory.

In a world where we are expected to be politically correct about our religious affiliations and beliefs, and where God has become just another “higher power”, it is now my hope and corrected motive that through my blogging and writings that someone who didn’t know Him yesterday will come to know Him today. And someone who knows Him, will come to know Him better. Not “Him” as a “higher power”, but as the one and true God, and that each of us might see and know Him in our every day lives.

I may never become a household name this way. and that’s okay. But if my walk through this thing called life  encourages and blesses others in such a way that it builds up the Kingdom of God, then I know I will have accomplished what He has for me.

And at the end of the day,  I have to consider that that has to be whats more important.


3 thoughts on “Considering the important things

  1. Val you are so on point with your words. These are great words of wisdom for someone who is needed clarification on their purpose. You have done a wonderful job pointing out the real reason for writing or anything else, to glorify and uplift God at all times.

  2. Praise God for being one of His….He always has a way of getting a message to us and it in those moments we learn our greatest lessons…..take it from me!!!. Love you Sis. Val. Keep being encouraged, and keep sharing this beautiful gift of writing.-Nemia

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