A Priceless Gift

One of my favorite christmas songs is The Little Drummer Boy.

I love the way the melody is carried through out the song, and whether you hum it or sing it out loud, it doesn’t matter, you can still feel the very essence of that melody beating through you with every parumppapumpom.

But the other day, I had an “aha” moment that made me think not of the melody of this song, but the words.

In the song, the little drummer boy is saying how he has nothing to give this new born King. He has no gifts to bring like everyone else. He is poor, money is not at his disposal. What on earth could he ever offer a king?

But then he looks at what is in his own hands. His drum. And as he begins to play, he not only brings a gift to the newborn king, but he gives a gift to the world around him. Because of his drum beat, the animals begin to dance, Mary nods her head in time with his beat, and that newborn king smiles at him.

The other day, I was trying to write a piece for an online magazine. They were looking for writers who could write articles for their readers. Only a few writers would be chosen and given the opportunity to be a part of their magazine team.

As I sat down to write, my mind went completely blank. Who was I kidding, a small voice asked. Surely more experienced writers would submit pieces more polished and articluate than mine. I wasn’t even a published writer. I had no accolades or awards attributed to my name. I had nothing to offer.

I was sharing my experience with some fellow writers, and in just a few words they led me to my “aha” moment. I was gently, but firmly reminded that as a writer, I didn’t write for others or to pit my writing skills against other writers. I was reminded that first I had to write simply as an expression of what was already within me. I didn’t have to go looking for it as if it was lost, I just had to release what was already there.

Like that little drummer boy, I had to come to the realization that I could never give what others gave, I could only ever use what was within me and offer it as the true gift it really is.

That little drummer boy didn’t come to see himself as the best drummer, he only saw that he had to give the best he had.

Today I will sit down and write that article and I will submit it not in the hopes that it wins me a moment of recognition or a even a spot on that magazine team. But I will first write in recognition of my King and the gift He has placed within me, and I will offer it not so that I can be the best, but so that my best is given.

What a priceless gift indeed.


4 thoughts on “A Priceless Gift

  1. Val—

    Thanks for sharing your AHA moment. I never paid attention to the lyrics of that song so it was very enlightening.

    Much love sister

    Shaye aka Persia Ellis

  2. Thank you for sharing that Val. The best redition of this song to me is Donald Lawrence’s “Hello Christmas”, check it out.

  3. That certainly is a priceless gift! If only we could always offer our best in recognition of our King in all we do, how much better life would be! Thank you for sharing your insight.

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