I saw God

I almost didn’t write this post today.

I had another topic all picked out to write about, but the minute I sat down to write it, a voice whispered something totally different to me. I wrestled with it for a little while, but no matter how I tried, the words I needed would not come.

And so today instead of my intended message, I offer to you what has been placed upon my heart in the hopes that it finds it’s intended target.

I saw God the other day.

He wasn’t wearing a white robe as He is depicted in pictures. He wasn’t a booming voice as He is portrayed in movies. No flash of lightening nor rolls of thunder proceeded His entrance. I didn’t hear Him as a whisper in the wind or as a voice in the night.

And yet I saw Him just the same.

Peeking into Mama Bird’s nest the other morning, I saw that one of her eggs had hatched. What had once just been an egg was now a hairless, pink, limp, helpless little creature. Too weak to even cry out, it’s small beak just opened and closed soundlessly.

There was nothing outwardly beautiful about this tiny being, in fact some would dare to call it ugly and turn away. But as I continued to stare at it, I knew I was seeing something more precious than anything I had ever seen.

Later I watched as Mama Bird tenderly cared for her small baby. Each time she heard its soundless cries, she carefully placed food in it’s waiting beak. When she felt his trembling body, she snuggled down in the nest with it and warmed it using her own body heat. And as darkness approached and her little one slept, she kept a diligent watch.

Thats when I saw Him.

Like that tiny, helpless, hairless, not so beautiful baby bird, I too had someone who tenderly loved and cared for me.

Inspite of my own “ugliness”, ugly attitudes and mindsets, ugly thoughts and deeds, He still saw the beauty He placed in me.

Where I was weak and helpless, He was my strength. When I can’t find the words to pray, He knows what I need and answers my every prayer. Even the silent ones.

And I never have to worry, because He is always covering me in His protection, shielding me from dangers seen and unseen.

And just as He watches over this Mama Bird and her lttle one, I know too that there is never a time I am not in His care.

I saw Him in that nest with those birds, I saw Him standing with me as I looked on at them, and I felt in in the stirring of my heart.

And this morning when I looked in Mama’s nest to check on her baby, I didn’t see an ugly duckling (or ugly birdie).

I saw Love.


2 thoughts on “I saw God

  1. I am thankful you did write today! You have an incredible gift and I am blessed you continue to share it with me.

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