Mama Bird faith

“But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house. And we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast.” Hebrews 3:6

Anyone reading my recent posts would probably say I was a nature nut.

And granted, a lot of my writings lately have centered around birds. But interestingly enough, I’m not really a “bird” person. I don’t dislike them or anything, but I would much rather prefer the company of a dog to that of a bird.

But because God knows me and knows how to gain my attention, He often uses His examples in nature to teach me some of my most valuable lessons.

Who says God doesn’t speak?

So yes, this is a bird story, but stay with me.                                                                                           You may learn something too.

The other day I observed a bird’s nest on my porch.

It wasn’t the most beautiful thing to look at, and yet it caught my attention. It was made up of small tree twigs, leaves and dried grass. I even saw small strands of a multicolored string woven through it. The builder of this nest was a very resourceful little creature indeed.

But it was what I saw inside the nest that most held me captive.

Nestled inside were three small eggs.

They were the color of the sky on a perfect summer day. So perfect in their oval shape, they reminded me of those eggs you find in children’s easter baskets. It was hard looking at them to imagine tiny baby birds growing inside of them.

A little while later, I happened to look out and there sat Mama Robin snuggled in her nest keeping her baby eggs nice and warm.   Where was a camera when you needed it? Talk about a kodak moment!

But as I watched her, I noticed how her small beady eyes seemed to be taking in everything around her. Not much was going to sneak up on this little mama bird.

And I wondered then why did she have her nest so low to the ground? Surely she had to know she was at risk to falling prey to the neighborhood cats or even other bigger birds? And it struck me odd that she would have built her nest is such an open space on  my porch.

But the longer I watched her, I realized she knew something instinctively that most of us humans have to learn.

She had the courage to be moved by her faith.

She didn’t let her fear speak for her, she let her faith do that.

Whether in a tree or on the ground she already knew she’d be prey to something no matter where she built her nest. So instead she chose a nice comfy spot, and called it home.

Having courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid, that little mama bird stayed very watchful. But rather having courage means we put good use to our faith in spite of our fears. 

Because God is faithful to us, we can have the courage to walk in faith as well.

Thats something to be encouraged by.



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