Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my birthday.

But all day long I felt as if something was missing. Something wasn’t quite right.

Don’t get me wrong. I love April the 14th. In fact, I think it should be a national holiday in every state including Hawaii. Businesses should close in honor of it, and schools should not be open. Even congress should not hold session out of observance for this special day.

I love my birthday.

But today for some reason. Something was missing.

I received cards and many well wishes from family and friends. A few people even bought me special gifts and expressions of their respect and love for me. Even people I wasn’t aware who knew it was my birthday, stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday and a great day.

But something was missing.

Perhaps it was because I went to work. Normally I schedule myself off from work for my birthday. Or perhaps because I’m officially over 40 now. But whatever the reason, there was definitely something missing.

And then a knock came at the door. My brother had dropped by to wish me a happy birthday and to give me a gift. It was a beautiful handbag. In fact it was one I would have chosen for myself, and I marveled at how well my brother knew me.

And then I realized what was missing.

Although I had no doubt that my brother and everyone else loved me, I knew they weren’t celebrating April the 14th.

They were celebrating me.

And the person who should have been celebrating me the most had not.


I had treated today as though it was any other day. I had made no allowances for me to celebrate me. And though some would call that selfishness, I would beg to differ.

No matter how many other people love you and show love towards you, you have to do the same for yourself. And birthdays in my estimation are not just any other day.

They are days to celebrate you and the fact that you are still here. Out of any gift we can be given, the gift of life is the greatest one yet. And speaking for myself, that’s a gift I owe my Creator.

So when I celebrate me on my birthday, I’m also celebrating Him who made me and allowed me another birthday.

I won’t forget that again.

Happy Birthday to me.


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