A New Season

Its been a long winter.

At least in the part of the country where I’m from. 

We’ve had one bizarre weather pattern after another. Whoever heard of tornadoes and heavy rains in the dead of winter? Usually our winters are cold and snow filled, so these things have kept winter interesting to say the least.

You’d think, we would learn to expect anything with our midwest winters. Especially since they’re known to be pretty unpredictable.

But no matter how you look at it this season, its been a long winter.

But this morning while reading something from one of my daily devotionals, I came across a statement that gave me cause for a pause.

(And if you’re not a fan of devotionals or have never read one, let me encourage you to start. There are even some great ones on-line.)

My devotional this morning reflected on different seasons and how each one was made for a specific time. It went on to say that God has purposely mastered a plan of cycles that allowed endings and beginnings to flow together under heaven’s gaze.

What that said to me was, life is filled with seasons. The ending of one means the beginning of another. They all serve a purpose and bring with it something the season before it could not have.

So whether its a season in your life or a season in nature, know that it came with a specific purpose in mind.

To add something to you that no one and nothing else could have done.

And more importantly, no season ever escapes the watchful eye of heaven’s gaze. Which means we are always in God’s view.

And I can’t think of a better place to be.

Somehow just knowing that made winter seem not so long after all.

Be encouraged while journeying thru your seasons as well!


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