A little birdie told me…

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

It was cold, dark and rainy outside and my bed felt like heaven to me. The dogs were nestled just right against my legs, and even the house seemed to hum with contentment.

My first thought when the alarm clock went off was, “I don’t wanna get up.”  I had a busy day ahead of me and I was in no rush to meet it.

I didn’t want five more minutes to sleep, I wanted the whole day to lay in bed. I wanted 6:00 a.m. to roll on by without me having to get up. The days of my youth where I bounded from the bed ready to take on the day were gone!

And so 5 minutes into my day, I already had a grumble on my lips and resentment in my heart.

 It was going to be some day.

But as I let the dogs out for their morning potty break, I saw something that quickly changed my attitude.

Sitting atop a bare tree branch, I saw a lone bird.

Now normally seeing a bird in a tree wouldn’t have caused me to stop and stare at it. There was nothing special in his appearance, he looked like every other bird I’d ever seen in my yard.

But what caught my attention was the fact that he just sat there. Alone. In silence.

All around him the song of other birds could be heard stirring the morning air. Their busy chatter and chorus of morning songs could be heard for miles.

And yet he just sat there. In silence.

As I continued to watch him, I saw as he turned his face upwards and for a single moment he simply sat with his beak lifted towards the heavens.

And still he made no sound.

Finally, with wings stretched, I watched as he glided on the wind and flew quietly into the morning.

And it was in that moment that the grumbling in my heart ceased, and the day took on a different view.

It was still raining, it was still dark, and yes it was still cold. And I even still wished I could have stayed in bed. But in a single moment, that little bird taught me more in his silence than any words could have ever spoken.

He taught me that silence really is golden. And instead of waking up resenting the day that had yet to begin, I simply needed a quiet moment.

A moment to give silent thanks and appreciation for the day ahead. A moment to silently make room for the Creator of every day, so I could be ready for this day.

No matter whats going around us, no matter the chatter of others, no matter the rains that fall in our lives or the dark moments we face, we can always find a moment to have a quiet moment to wait in silent expectation for the goodness that awaits us.

And then like that little birdie, we too can go quietly into the day, grateful for every moment.

Especially our quiet ones.

Have you had your quiet moment yet today?


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